Meet Our Staff

Desmond L. Cheatham

Senior Pastor

As the Founder and Visionary of New Destiny Church, He is a standard bearer and a prophetic voice that God has chosen to speak, with boldness and clarity, to the spiritual climates throughout this region and globally. The hand of the Lord has been upon his life from an early age as a musician in the Lords church to prime the atmosphere with a sound conducive for healing and deliverance.

It is that same anointing that rests on him now to minister to Gods people as an oracle of truth and that led him to establish New Destiny Church in September 2013. Pastor Cheatham preaches to bring the illumination and revelation of Gods word to those who have been rejected, despised and on the back side of the desert and awaken their fervency and passion for the things of the Lord.

His ultimate hope for all people is to realize if God gave you a promise, then he gave you a future!

To Request Pastor Cheatham for one of your services please send your Request to:

Reginald Rose, II

Chief Operating Officer/Ministry Liaison
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Works with the Senior Pastor and has executive responsibility for the day to day operations of the church, strategic development of staff and operations, administrative planning and implementation of strategic goals identified by Senior leader, and oversight of staff in facilities, business,  and communication.

Vanessa Canady

Chief Financial Officer/Exec. Assistant to Pastor

Accounts for and manages the day to day finances of the church,coordinating the maintenance of all accounts, ledgers, balance sheets, income and disbursements.  She also forecast budgets and future projects for the ministry.

As the Exec Assistant to the Pastor, she is responsible for maintaining the Senior Pastor’s Itinerary and travel arrangements.

Brandy Odom

E-mail Brandy Odom

Responsible for managing the business affairs of the church and working with church members and staff to achieve the church’s mission objectives